Monday, February 9, 2009

London Lump Hammer Love Bites

The amount of people comfortably chatting amid images of twisted genitalia and hairy limbs can either mean that we finally devolved the ability to be shocked; or that the current economic climate means we'll look at anything for free beer. Whichever one it is, the tiny Shoreditch gallery is absolutely packed.

"Lump Hammer Love Bites" is a contemporary grotesque exhibition currently running at the Concrete Hermit until 1st of March. Five artists, including Andrew James Jones and Dan Mudwig have combined their creative superpowers to compose the weirdest, funniest and confusing exhibit to hit the capital in years.

Their styles, although displayed in everything from collage to sculpture, are all echoes of each other. Here, you will find cut-out images of stretched anuses and oozing wounds re-fashioned into furry monsters' mouths and improbable creatures of all sorts.Bring a cynical sense of humour, but leave your breakfast at home. Well worth a visit.
5a Club Row
E1 6JX

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