Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14 2009-London Slow Food:Stop playing with your food.

London's Slow Food Market is in it's third year. The premise, like most successful post Al Gore ventures, is that we all eat too much junk, don't care about the planet and put too many pesticides into our bodies. Basically, it's the hippie movement all over again, but with fewer drugs.

Thankfully, philosophy something you can leave at home when visiting this market. All you need is a rumbling tummy and a coin purse. There is food of all types, and for every taste. The decent- sized market area can be broken down into two main categories: food to buy, and food to eat, like, right now.

For the hungry punters, there's freshly grilled gameburgers, roast hog rolls (£4.80) but worth every penny and nondescript meat sausages. Wash it down with freshly squeezed apple juice, or hot mulled wine. For dessert, there is an entire van dedicated to chocolate ; or you could purchase an assorted cheese tray to share.

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