Monday, February 2, 2009

London in the grips of chaos.

Last Monday, February 2nd, ten inches of snow casually floated on top of the Capital. Residents of Moscow or Helsinki would have brewed gluhwein and ran off to build snowmen, but of course this need not apply to wide-eyed, paranoid Londoners.
Public transport has effectively ground to a halt, with the bus service cancelled,
many tube lines suspended and cab drivers inching their way along icy roads at speeds barely surpassing a limp chipmunk's. The national press, meanwhile, were getting their proverbial underwear in a twist over the 'awful' weather and catastrophic conditions.
The 17 year-old who nearly drowned in a river notwithstanding, the situation is truly a small light at the end of a depressing tunnel. This week, the city will look more beautiful than it has all year. Why not take advantage of the guilt-free days off and head off to your local park for a breath of fresh air, some memorable snaps, and perhaps even an unapologetic snowball fight.

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