Tuesday, February 10, 2009

London : Bruegel to Rubens:Masters of Flemish Painting

Walking around the gilded burgundy halls of Buckingham Palace, it's hard not to wonder whether the theory of evolution is keeping some secrets. For example, the fact that all people living five centuries prior were impossibly pale, muscular, rosy-cheeked, and bravely rebelling against the laws of physical perspective.

The collection is a testament to the Flemish Renaissance: a period of economic affluence which saw rich art patrons investing heaps of cash into refining their artistic tastes. The results are beautiful. Masters of the time, including Bruegel and Rubens, are exhibited cheek to cheek; the interpretations of the school's art laws contrasting off each other.

As all things royal ,however , the admission prices are unjustifiably high . The exhibit is therefore best reserved for aficionados and eager Art History majors. Although, iconic masterpieces such as a "A Cabinet of Pictures" or "Assumption of the Virgin are genuinely stunning.

The Queen's Gallery
Buckingham Palace

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