Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14 2009-London Slow Food:Stop playing with your food.

London's Slow Food Market is in it's third year. The premise, like most successful post Al Gore ventures, is that we all eat too much junk, don't care about the planet and put too many pesticides into our bodies. Basically, it's the hippie movement all over again, but with fewer drugs.

Thankfully, philosophy something you can leave at home when visiting this market. All you need is a rumbling tummy and a coin purse. There is food of all types, and for every taste. The decent- sized market area can be broken down into two main categories: food to buy, and food to eat, like, right now.

For the hungry punters, there's freshly grilled gameburgers, roast hog rolls (£4.80) but worth every penny and nondescript meat sausages. Wash it down with freshly squeezed apple juice, or hot mulled wine. For dessert, there is an entire van dedicated to chocolate ; or you could purchase an assorted cheese tray to share.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

London : Bruegel to Rubens:Masters of Flemish Painting

Walking around the gilded burgundy halls of Buckingham Palace, it's hard not to wonder whether the theory of evolution is keeping some secrets. For example, the fact that all people living five centuries prior were impossibly pale, muscular, rosy-cheeked, and bravely rebelling against the laws of physical perspective.

The collection is a testament to the Flemish Renaissance: a period of economic affluence which saw rich art patrons investing heaps of cash into refining their artistic tastes. The results are beautiful. Masters of the time, including Bruegel and Rubens, are exhibited cheek to cheek; the interpretations of the school's art laws contrasting off each other.

As all things royal ,however , the admission prices are unjustifiably high . The exhibit is therefore best reserved for aficionados and eager Art History majors. Although, iconic masterpieces such as a "A Cabinet of Pictures" or "Assumption of the Virgin are genuinely stunning.

The Queen's Gallery
Buckingham Palace

Monday, February 9, 2009

London Lump Hammer Love Bites

The amount of people comfortably chatting amid images of twisted genitalia and hairy limbs can either mean that we finally devolved the ability to be shocked; or that the current economic climate means we'll look at anything for free beer. Whichever one it is, the tiny Shoreditch gallery is absolutely packed.

"Lump Hammer Love Bites" is a contemporary grotesque exhibition currently running at the Concrete Hermit until 1st of March. Five artists, including Andrew James Jones and Dan Mudwig have combined their creative superpowers to compose the weirdest, funniest and confusing exhibit to hit the capital in years.

Their styles, although displayed in everything from collage to sculpture, are all echoes of each other. Here, you will find cut-out images of stretched anuses and oozing wounds re-fashioned into furry monsters' mouths and improbable creatures of all sorts.Bring a cynical sense of humour, but leave your breakfast at home. Well worth a visit.
5a Club Row
E1 6JX

Monday, February 2, 2009

London in the grips of chaos.

Last Monday, February 2nd, ten inches of snow casually floated on top of the Capital. Residents of Moscow or Helsinki would have brewed gluhwein and ran off to build snowmen, but of course this need not apply to wide-eyed, paranoid Londoners.
Public transport has effectively ground to a halt, with the bus service cancelled,
many tube lines suspended and cab drivers inching their way along icy roads at speeds barely surpassing a limp chipmunk's. The national press, meanwhile, were getting their proverbial underwear in a twist over the 'awful' weather and catastrophic conditions.
The 17 year-old who nearly drowned in a river notwithstanding, the situation is truly a small light at the end of a depressing tunnel. This week, the city will look more beautiful than it has all year. Why not take advantage of the guilt-free days off and head off to your local park for a breath of fresh air, some memorable snaps, and perhaps even an unapologetic snowball fight.