Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Digjest London Digest: London Calling

Rock 'Roll' Public Library

So, Mick Jones: born in 1955, learned to play the guitar, joined one of the most iconic British rock bands in history - the Clash. Also a self-admitted hoarder, he has collected oodles of memorabilia throughout his life, which he loaned for display at the Chelsea Space.

It is a rather comprehensive hoard. The relatively small gallery contains mountains of books, records, clothes, memorabilia, lyrics sheets,toys and games. In fact, it all feels a little bit cramped

For the devoted Clash (or 60s BRITROCK) fan, this would probably be a holy ground experience, with tears welling up at the site of torn stage clothes and original plane tickets. For the ordinary patron though, just mildly curious.

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